(Online) Tools and Support for Leadership, Effectiveness en Growth

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twelve-waves academie online

XII Waves Online

XII Waves Online is a training in leadership and effectiveness, which learns you to set clear goals, work in a structured manner, to have a clear focus on your goals, how to deal with procrastination and how you can improve your energy.

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Mastermind Chapters

Bring your results to the next level. Participation in an XII Waves Mastermind Chapter allows you to maximize your growth and embed it in practice.

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Young Guns

Are you ambitious, but it is difficult to achieve your goals? We make the XII Waves Protocol available for free as a student leadership program: XII Waves Young Guns.

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Twelve Waves helps you to take the next big step. Only inspiration or motivation is not enough; set clear goals, work with a consistent system and surround yourself with a valuable network for support. How could we help you to be the hero of your own movie?


Twelve Waves provides masterclasses, courses and annual programs for professionals who want to grow and get outstanding resultsBesides that, we think along with on-boarding roadmaps of young professionals or other customized solutions.

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Personal Coaching

On a limited scale, our coaches are available for individual roadmaps. Together with a personal trainer and life coach you will work on your resilience, vitality, and mindset for 12 weeks.

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Workshops & Seminars

During the year we organize lifecrafting seminars & workshops. With these sessions, you can get familiar with the XII Waves Protocol, and you will get the first impetus for long-lasting change.

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