Answers to frequently asked questions

How can I sign up for XII waves Online?

Je kan je aanmelden voor XII Waves Online door op de Twelve Waves Acadamy een keuze te maken tussen XII Waves Online of de Virtuele Mastermind en de betaalprocedure te doorlopen. Je krijgt daarna automatisch bericht van je inloggegevens en direct toegang tot het materiaal.

How long do I have access to the material?

You will get 12 months of access to online material, including videos, assignments, and sheets.

How many hours does it cost me to follow XII waves Online?

That depends entirely on how fast you through all material. In addition, it depends on whether you do this from step by step, or you only pick the lessons that are most relevant to you according to the Gem Finder.

XII waves Online contains 6 tracks, divided into 42 steps. Each track contains multiple masterclasses videos of an average of two hours Each step also contains several assignments.

Are the masterclasses also downloadable as single MP3?

Not yet, but we are working on that.

How can I sign up for Young Guns?

You can do this by completing the form on You will then receive an email asking if you want to send a photo of a valid student card or a proof of registration. If approved by us, you will get 12 months access to the online material.

Why is Young Guns free?

Because it is our mission to “make common sense, common practice”, and where to start better than with the generation of the future

Kan ik ook individueel begeleid worden?

That is possible. For more information look at the personal coaching page Both Michel Vos and Sjanett are limited available for individual coaching programs. Please contact us below to discuss the possibilities.

Also for in-company participants, it is possible to request coaching.

Who are you?

Twelve Waves was founded by Michel Vos in 2016 and since 2018 Sjanett has been the vice-president. Our crew has now been extended with six more members and you will find our mastermind chapters throughout the country.

Michel Vos is een serial-entrepeneur met een passie voor optimalisatie. Every week Michel Vos speaks with his co-host Wiggert Meerman in his podcast Eindbazen with exceptional professionals – Hero’s – who have made an exceptional performance or contribution in the field of sports, science, entrepreneurship, culture, society or technology. He also runs the supplements webshop Nootrofit. Follow his personal Insta account.

Sjanett Dan is an entrepreneur, author, podcast host of the Transformation Academy Podcast, a psychological scientist as well as European champion in the kettlebell sport. In 2017 and 2018, she was twice the European champion in the kettlebell sport. Despite her scientific background, she is a self-taught individual with a wide range of areas of interest such as behavioral change, personal development, eating psychology, lifestyle design, and online business. Her favorite themes are self-development and personal leadership. Follow her personal Insta account.

In addition, Twelve waves is supported by David van Baalen (Account Manager Education), Lars Rabbit Mountain (Strategic Marketing), Dion Jansen (social media), Marijn Driessen (VA), Saskia Fun (Assistant/Event manager), Stefan Janssen (Assistant Strategic Marketing) and Aron van Groningen (Software Developer).

Our mission: To make common sense common practice. Crucial themes are ambitious goals, organization of work, time management, stress management, the good care of body and mind, a healthy work-private balance and how to deal with our monkey mind.

Cup of coffee?

Excellent plan! However, We are vigilant and respectful of both your and our time. That is the reason why we don’t plan a ‘ cup of coffee ‘ without a pre-arranged agenda. For example, we would like to discuss our in-company possibilities with you or the mastermind concept, but for other questions and advice, we will charge you for coaching. This we communicate consciously beforehand so that the intention for all parties is clear.

What is life-crafting?

Life-crafting is the conscious creation of the life you want to lead.

Draw your successful plan by taking leadership and responsibility for your life and well-being.

This does not have to be limited to business objectives or your ideal working day. This is a way of life in which personal development and growth are the keys to who you want to become.

Can I become an XII waves Trainer?

It is may possible! We are always open for ambitious people who want to join our team. We expect you to go through our certification program. Is this interesting for you? Please contact us using the contact form below.

Other questions

Do you have questions or do you have any suggestions or feedback for us? Please contact us using the form below.