XII Waves Online is the training in personal leadership and effectiveness which helps you to set clear goals, work in a structured manner, have a clear focus on your comes, overcome procrastination and improves your energy!

Do not get stuck in a job that you have no passion for. Take the steps towards your dreams. Achieve your goals even faster.

You may want to implement an improvement within your team, organization or company. No more overtime! Time for yourself and your own dreams, goals, and ambitions!

You have probably already tried to organize yourself to deal with the hectic pace of your job and life. Task lists, flags in outlook, yellows on your monitor, apps, applications and time management courses. Everything goes well for a week or two, but in the end, it dilutes.

Stress-free productivity. No delays anymore. Goal oriented. Time for the things that are important to you. Without getting a burn-out. Without feeling guilty.

Have the feeling that you are moving forward. Generate momentum on the goals you want to realize. Whether it is professional or private. Dare to dream again! What does your (work) day look like in 2 years?

An inspiring program, which gives me a clear view of my own 'Time Management'. With wonderful tips to set up a good Time Management system.

Rabobank Traineeship ParticipantXII Waves - Goalsetting Masterclass

The enthusiasm, the energy and the examples from our practice. Especially the latter makes the applicability great for me.

DPA ProfessionalMasterclass XII Waves Workflow

A hugely positive method is looking at your own future, done from a certain way of life. I did not expected this in advance. I thought that it was focused on just a tool.

Topicus ProfessionalXII Waves Masterclass Goalsetting

XII Waves Online is developed by Michel Vos and consists of 42 masterclasses divided into six tracks.

After registration, you will have direct access to our online learning environment. where all masterclasses, exercises, and teaching materials are located. You can follow the tracks step-by-step or use our Gem Finder to find out which theme is most important to you.

  • Goalsetting

    Build your own roadmap. By connecting dots of the past you can view your own progress. Through storytelling, we help you to map out your roadmap.

  • Workflow

    Organize work. We teach you how you could organize your work. We create awareness and teach you skills so that you can reach your goals despite (daily) problems you will face.

  • Working in Waves

    Looking forward is difficult. However, a good workflow should be iterative and able to cope with changing circumstances or priorities.

  • Overcome resistance

    Anyone who claims never to postponing annoying tasks is lying. However, it is important to learn to overcome procrastination.

  • Intervision

    Organize a wingman. What is more fun when achieving goals? Achieving your goals together! By organizing intervisions on your goals, it is easier to effect changes in your behavior.

  • Optimize your energy

    Improve your mental and physical energy. By learning to give attention to your mental and physical well-being, you will have more energy to be able to do the things that are necessary to achieve your goals.

XII Waves Online combines best practices from multiple methods and philosophies in a framework that teaches you tools and techniques to maximize your manifestation power.

We teach you how to set concrete goals, cut them into pieces in small actionable tasks, keep these tasks on a central list, prioritize them, plan and execute them as efficiently as possible.

There is only a limited time in a week. That is why it is important to make smart choices in how you spend your time. XII Waves offers advanced time-management techniques to support you.

The uniqueness of XII Waves is the focus on balance, sustainable employability, and vitality. Within the protocol, there is a Return Home week which helps you with these aspects.

In other tracks, we teach you how to deal with the mental and physical aspects of personal leadership. You learn how to keep progress despite fear, doubts or moments when you do not feel like completing your tasks of the day. Discipline is equals to freedom.

Because of the homework assignments and assignments during the lesson, your view of what is important to you in life becomes clear. By using a roadmap give you guidance to your dreams and goals.

Rabobank Traineeship ParticipantXII Waves Masterclass Goalsetting

The method is useful to create an overview of my activities, learning to plan, but it allows me to finish my tasks each day. I have started to make an inventory and categorization my goals so that I do not forget anything. The training taught me how I could do this.

Topicus ProfessionalXII Waves Protocol

Interesting! From various perspectives, Michel has given a coherent and inspiring argument on how we can make our work life more efficient. He made me think that small tasks are useful to make progress at any time. I already knew the content of the Action Method principle, but repetition was good for me.

DPA ProfessionalXII Waves Masterclass Workflow

Honestly, I've been stressed lately and my time management was not good either, so this training came at the right time. Everything that I have learned could I apply directly in practice. Because of this training I can use my time more effectively.

Topicus ProfessionalXII Waves Online

A lot of energy and fascinating! Michel really believed in it. It is good that he uses his knowledge from the sports world, it gives another twist and look at personal leadership. Besides the practical tips and applications it gives you also underlying theory.

Rabobank Traineeship ParticipantXII Waves Masterclass Workflow

Because of the training I immediately started working with my stressors. Reducing my stressors gave me immediate rest.

DPA TraineeXII Waves Masterclass Workflow

Start generating momentum today and choose the option that best suits your goals.

What you will get (content)

  • XII Waves Core (video)
  • Masterclass 1 (video): Goalsetting // Steps 1-7 (incl. assignments)
  • Masterclass 2 (video): Workflow // Steps 8-14 (incl. assignments)
  • Masterclass 3 (video): Waves // Steps 15-21 (incl. assignments)
  • Masterclass 4 (video): Weerstand // Stap 22- 28 (Incl. assignments)
  • Masterclass 5 (video): Intervision // Stap 29-35 (incl. assignments)
  • Masterclass 6 (video): Energy // Stap 36-42 (incl. assignments)

What you get (practical)

  • Lifelong access to the online learning environment
  • 7 Powerful video master classes by Michel Vos, incl sheets
  • 42 Steps with practical and action-oriented assignments
  • Access to the private Facebook Community
  • Monthly LiveCasts with inspiring guests
  • Regular Q&A’s

The training can be followed independently and you can choose where you want to start with to get quick results. After a one-off investment of € 420 you get lifelong access to the entire protocol, including many extras.

XII WAVES ONLINEBetaal in 3 termijnen


3 Monthly terms
  • The first payment is made upon registration (via credit card), the remaining two installments are automatically deducted from your account one month later.
  • Price is exclusive of VAT.

XII WAVES ONLINEBetaal in 1 keer


One-time investment
  • The price for XII Waves Online is € 420,-. You pay this at once.
  • Price is exclusive of VAT.

Wait! Are you a real go-getter?
Then there is a third option

Are you more than motivated and do you want to work with like-minded people in one of our mastermind chapters? Then our exclusive XII WAVES MASTERMIND CHAPTERS will be a good option.

During these six weekly physical meetings not only ten like-minded people will help you proactively to think along with you about how to achieve your dreams, but at every meeting there is also a training or a guest speaker. Besides that, we organize an annual Vision Quest, Marine Experience and an annual meet-up with other mastermind participants from all over the Netherlands.