Do you need help with achieving your goals? More focus and structure? Our twelve waves mentors offer exclusive individual support.

Our Twelve Waves mentors Michel Vos and Sjanett de Geus offer coaching programs from 6 to 12 months, for everyone who needs individual support for more focus, structure, overview, resilience, and energy.

Michel Vos

Michel is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for optimization! Whether it concerns your energy, effectiveness or processes. As a concept kleptomaniac, Michel is always looking for new ways to make things easier to get the most out of your life.

Every week he speaks in his podcast Eindbazen with his co-host Wigger Meerman with exceptional professionals – Hero’s – who have made an exceptional performance or contribution in the field of sports, science, entrepreneurship, culture, society or technology.

This mission of Michel is: To make common sense common practice. Crucial themes are to set ambitious goals, optimize work processes, time management, stress management, taking care of the body and mind, a healthy work-life balance and how to deal with our monkey mind.

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Sjanett de Geus

Sjanett is an entrepreneur, author, podcast host, psychological scientist as well as European champion in the kettlebell sport. In 2017 and 2018, she was twice the European champion in the kettlebell sport. Despite her scientific background, she is a self-taught individual with a wide range of areas of interest such as behavioral change, personal development, eating psychology, lifestyle design, and online business.

In theXII Waves Transformation Podcast, she speaks weekly about self-development and transformations with writers, entrepreneurs, coaches, and scientists. Inspiring stories and life visions that show that you cannot control what you get served, but what you do with it.

Sjanett’s strength is to inspire and motivate people by sharing her roadmap and pitfalls. Her lifestyle makes her the living example of someone who fixed their problems and lives a successful entrepreneurship life while having a down-to-earth mindset.

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