Unplug yourself from the daily hectic, work, duties and the internet. Armed with only water, a candle, and a notepad we create a set and setting where you can reconnect with your inner voice.

What is a Vision Quest?

In a Vision Quest, you will stay isolated from your environment, for one to even four days, in a place in nature. Moreover, you will only take the most necessary things with you. You will not bring a tent, food or anything that distracts with you. The goal of the Vision Quest is to gain insights into who you are and what you do.

The vision quest is a universal ritual. For many times people have used this ritual by isolating themselves from their environment and answering their most important questions while they are in nature. This ritual is an essential tradition in North American Indian communities. In these communities, this ritual has to be done when there is a critical problem in the tribe, the village, a family or an important transition in life. The Shaman goes up the mountain with a blanket and does not return until he has had a vision which tells him the answer on his question. Vision quest means: search for a vision.

The vision quest is intended to take significant steps in your life. To let go of old patterns, create space, gain new inspiration and engage in conversation with yourself. Because by listening to silence, you will hear the answer to your question.

“In the beginning, I was a perfectionist. I was looking for a good job. Nevertheless, it was great to let go and settle. However, I found out that I was still busy with how others thought about me” –  Susan

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“During the tree session, I thought a lot about personal leadership. It is often used in a business or organization context, but what does it mean? What is the core of personal leadership for myself? And how could personal leadership help me? These questions helped me to understand that it is awareness, insights, and action.”  – Lizet

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“To prove that I was doing the vision quest to work on my feeling I just out of my hammock to empty my bladder. When I came back, I thought about my ‘magic book.’ I came here to work, right? I, mrs.-writing, will come back with a blank notebook? That’s impossible… But I do not feel like it. I sat meditating in my hammock. My eyes closed to clear my mind. However, my mind wants to do other things. What differences between my mind and my body. Hmmm, what is the concession here?” –  Tanja

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The vision quest is a mandatory part of the XII Waves Mastermind Year program. Participants will get a briefing of neo-shaman Wiggert Meerman for tips and tricks. What are your intentions of the vision quest? Which question needs to be answered? What do you want to reflect on?

Having focus is good, but more important is to have an open mind (without any expectations).

Getting inspired, rest, frustrated or annoyed everything is possible…

The conversation with yourself is possible in many ways, but all are extremely valuable and informative!

After the Vision Quest, it is possible to plan an individual follow-up session with life coach Maaike Rijk. Together you will discuss your experiences so that you get the most out of your quest as possible.

Before the Vision Quest, participants will get a briefing from survival expert Kenneth and Jeroen. What do you need to bring with you? What about safety? They also lead the supervision, who keep an eye on you, during the 24 hours.

If you want an insight into how a Vision Quest is, listen to the podcast below with Wiggert Meerman and experiences of participants, the vlogs Anne made about the Vision Quest and her review of two weeks later.

“…a lot of inspiration and thoughts these 24 hours. A unique experience and one that I definitely recommend.” – Lizet


Saturday 15 June 2019

  • 11:00-11.30 gather at the collection point
  • 12:00 introduction and sharing intentions
  • everyone goes to their spot
  • …. and then… we wait.

Sunday 16 June 2019

  • 12:00 we get everyone out of the forest, and we go back to the collection point
  • Lunch on camping site where participants (if you want) share their experiences

Location: Kampeerterrein Stelebos I, II, III en IV at Zutendaal (Close to the border at Maastricht in Belgium)


What to BRING with you?

  • Sitting/lying: e.g., a hammock, mat or a chair
  • Sleeping: Sleeping bag and warm clothes/hat for the night
  • Sail (2x) incl. rope and pegs, rain suit or umbrella in case of rain
  • Writing: pen/paper (don’ forget a sharpener for your pencil))
  • Drinks: 3-5 liters of water
  • Eten: no food, we will fast during the Vision Quest
  • Toilet: WC paper (There is no is sanitary facility)
  • Anti-mosquitoes: spray or mosquito net

What NOT to bring?

  • Phone, tablet, laptop, watch, etc. (We give a signal when the vision quest is finished)
  • Everything that can lead to distraction (books, games, etc.)
  • Tent

There will be a survival expert who will check you (unseen) regularly during the 24 hours. Also, the permission for the ‘camp’ including the participants is registered with the local police in case of emergencies.

“Afterwards I was proud of myself that I had succeeded. I felt calm and confident, which was great.” – Suzan

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