XII Waves Online Free for Students

Are you ambitious, but it is difficult to achieve your goals? Do you want to feel well while performing optimally? You want to get back on track, but you do not know how? The XII Waves Protocol will support you with tools to have a structured way of achieving your goals.

We make the XII Waves Protocol available for free as a student leadership program: XII Waves Young Guns. XII Waves Young Guns is the free leadership program for students which supports them in achieving the goals which are essential for them.

Being a student is nowadays very stressful. They face more and more stress during their study. This stress does not just exist, because of the high workload, but students need to deal with more factors such as choosing what they want to do in life, the pressure to perform well at school and how to deal with their finances. Therefore, it is not surprising that one in three students has to deal with burn-out severe symptoms.

XII Waves Young Guns enables you to be goal-oriented while achieving your goals from your studies, career and your daily life.

The goalsetting track helps you to understand what you want. In the workflow master classes, we teach you our main time-management and prioritize techniques. By working in waves and learning how to deal with resistance you ensure that your goal is not just a dream, but you will manifest what you have always dreamed off. In short, it is the perfect remedy for a busy and stressful (student) life.

xii waves young guns

Fill in your details to sign up for XII Waves Young Guns

After signing in you will get an e-mail where we ask you to send an image of your student card. Once we have verified this, you will gain access to the XII Waves protocol.

XII Waves Young Guns is and remains free for students because it is our mission to make “common sense, common practice,” and where to start better than with the generation of the future